Access to Quality Schools and Universities in Indianapolis

In Indianapolis, the most exclusive neighborhoods have access to the best-performing schools. Indiana University Bloomington (IU Bloomington) is renowned for its excellence, with the O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs offering a world-class program. The school's professors and researchers have provided evidence that polymeric PFAS used in food packaging can break down into smaller molecules that are still harmful and can leach into food and the environment. IU Bloomington has also announced promotions and hiring of teachers, as well as a new approach to reveal the scale, reach, and impact of religious organizations.

The O'Neill School has been ranked as the top graduate program in public affairs in the United States, with Ortega named co-president of the Comprehensive Schools Section of the NASPAA O'Neill. Researchers from the O'Neill Social Security Academy have urged the EPA to review regulations on excess emissions, while nine O'Neill seniors have been recognized for their leadership and service. Mooney was named co-chair of the NASPAA Comprehensive Schools Section elected National. The O'Neill School celebrates 50 years of leadership, with stain-resistant school uniforms potentially exposing children to harmful chemicals.

Energy-insecure homes sometimes use strategies of survival risks to maintain lights and heating, while reducing barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles can help reduce racial and ethnic disparities. Meyer's Title IX work was inspired by personal experience with inequality in sports, while Rutherford received the Inclusive Excellence Award. Five O'Neill professors have received the Teaching Award from the University Board of Trustees of the University O'Neill. The O'Neill School announces teacher promotions and new hires, topping the rankings of graduate schools in the United States.

A new study by the O'Neill School reveals alarming rates of energy insecurity among low-income households in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Silva was among five named outstanding young teachers, while wage growth in health has lagged behind other sectors despite pandemic burden. David Audretsch from the O'Neill School was recognized as a winner of a mention, while former doctoral student made history with three thesis awards. Sanya Carley from the O'Neill School received the prestigious Kershaw Award for his contributions to public policy, while an O'Neill health economist was named member of a prestigious CBO advisory panel. The O'Neill School launched its Resilience and Welfare Initiative in time for fall semester, with a report highlighting potential benefits of an environmental justice mapping tool for Indiana researchers seeking private well owners in four states to study PFAS in well water. Hospitalizations for COVID-19 increased as a result of state reopenings, with IU five most recent and distinguished teachers leading a pioneering effort to share big data and provide new connections to address gaps in skills, substance abuse, and other major challenges in Indiana.

Professor Kosali Simon was elected member of National Academy of Medicine, while IU's donation supported Ukraine and Ukrainians. O'Neill Business and Administration Focus Fair, Environment and Sustainability Fair were held to celebrate successes in recognition ceremonies.