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Springdale's Temple Oak
Springdale's Temple Oak

Spades Park Library
The Spades Park Branch is a Carnegie Library

John H. Boner Community Center
John H. Boner Community Center
The Springdale Neighborhood Association is dedicated to making our neighborhood on the near east side of Indianapolis a better place to live. Our activities include:
  • Keeping the area neat and clean
  • Buying & fixing up foreclosed homes & selling them to responsible individuals of any creed or color who will maintain them
  • Promoting neigborhood businesses
  • Making Springdale a place we're proud to call home

Exactly Where is Springdale?

Springdale is located on the near east side of Indianapolis. It is bounded on the north by Brookside Park, on the south side by 10th Street, on the west side by Jefferson Street, And Rural Street forms the eastern boundary.

Springdale's "Big Tree"

The most famous resident of Springdale is not a person, but a large Chinkapin Oak. Our neigborhood association uses its silhouette for our logo. No one is sure how old it is, but experts think it is in the 300-400 years range. It is located on Temple Avenue very close to Brookside Parkway, and is often referred to as Temple Oak. The current residents of the property where it is located, purchased it because of the tree. Since then they have had to fight city hall, when the Department of Public Works wanted to cut it down so they could straighten the sidewalk. Eventually a compromise was reached, and the sidewalk takes a detour around the oak. In 2013 the Temple Oak wasn't looking healthy, so Jerome Delbridge of Tree-Centric checked it out. The tree was suffering from an invasion of oak lace bugs. The condition is treatable, but quite expensive. The Springdale Neighborhood Association has been organizing fundraisers to help pay for ongoing treatment of the oak.

Springdale Neighborhood Association

Making Indy's Near East Side a Better Place to Live

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